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idea & concept

Concept design is the kick – off of the design process, during which the size, general appearance and basic functions are being analyzed. Pol – Glass team helps its Clients make right and cost efficient decisions during every step of the project, from the preliminary idea to the final design phase. Our strength is in realizing Client’s vision by delivering superior water entertainment solutions.


3D visualisation

Innovative layouts delivered by Pol – Glass will definitely bring your project to life. 3D visuals explore the concept in greater depth and strengthen ideas.


where the magic never ends

From themed water attractions and playgrounds to complete water parks, Pol – Glass blows creativity into water park’s story so that our Clients stand out from the competition and build an emotionally memorable brand.


Innovative Design

Whether constructing a new waterpark, renovating, expanding or building just a single waterslide, our planning and design services will help you develop your ideas into a functional plan that works.

Every undertaking is designed around our Client’s need to make an impact, generate revenue, and provide an experience and environment that will keep guests coming back for more.

Design department presents a special value for Pol – Glass as the experts have been trained in water park design. Therefore Pol – Glass staff professionals in the disciplines of planning, architecture, design, and engineering – all dedicated to water entertainment. We are able to elaborate:

• Master planning;

• 3D renderings;

• Water attractions’ theming;

• Static calculations;

• Professional engineering documentation in accordance with the latest standards (EN 1069, EN 1176, EN 1345-1, EN 12100, EN 1461);

After detailed design is finished, all information is present for workshop drawings to be created and production and construction to start.


quality you can rely on

With a history of 30 years in fiberglass sector of water attractions, we are experts in understanding fiberglass manufacturing processes and production methods. All Pol – Glass fiberglass attractions are manufactured in accordance with world class production techniques and meet all the quality standards. In – house production of fiberglass products is one of the main directions of Po – Glass company.

Fiberglass is a composite material that consists of glass fibers (filler) and the resin (binder). Fiberglass is covered with gelcoat in order to make product look aesthetically, also to obtain a required by color according to RAL table and special protective properties such as UV, wear and moisture resistance.

At Pol – Glass production facility we are making our efforts to preserve and enhance all the best that has been achieved during the production time, and meet the essential requirements that dictate the current conditions in the water park industry. The work done by hand in this process is the bedrock of engineering skill. Craftsmanship is achieved by learning the basic principles of manufacturing through manual work, then applying them on the factory floor to steadily make improvements.

Today, we strive to outperform the market, using in our work advanced practice in the field of fiberglass production, where we try to anticipate the needs of potential customers so that the manufactured products conform to international standards. And this is possible due to the competent approach of our experts in strategic planning, organization of production processes and the constant improvement of technical equipment.

High quality aquatic products and flexible price policy are the foundation of our company relationships with our business partners. As one of the largest suppliers of aquatic products for the water park industry, we treat the quality and reliability of our products with highest priority. This is confirmed not only by the customer's trust and recognition, but also certified by leading international certification bodies and professionals.

Our talented theming artists are able to add the magic touch to every single water attraction so that they create an emotionally engaging, themed environments remembered for years ahead.


professionalism and punctuality

Benefiting from over 30 years of international experience, our proven project – management approach and professional and experienced installers ensure an efficient installation process every time, regardless of project location.

Our dedicated team of professionals has extensive technical insight and in-depth knowledge of their specialist discipline of aquatic products installation. This has enabled us to deliver a high level of installation services to our Clients for many years.

Pol – Glass has worked in more than 50 countries and cooperates with over 500 technicians to manage our Clients’ projects globally.

Pol – Glass understands that downtime can be extremely costly and we are here to help keep yours to a minimum with emphasis on safety, quality and professionalism at a fair price. When your water park equipment is installed and running, we guarantee its performance, so you're good to grow.


your reliable support

Pol – Glass provides a professional and bespoke service of our water attractions, being the one - stop solution for all our Client’s operational, maintenance, inspection and repair needs. The service team is committed to helping our Clients maximize the lifespan of their water park products.

Whether it’s a refurbishing project, a waterslide inspection, a water playground’s rennovation or spare parts request, Pol – Glass helps its Clients address their needs with dedicated customer service and competitive pricing.


waterslide's replacement

When the interest in a facility weakens, its Managers do not have to undertake financially devastating promotional campaigns or count down the days until the premiere of new attractions. Instead, they can show a little creativity and ... replace the waterslide. Manufacturing a new slide is the easiest part of a modernization project for a swimming pool facility. The new waterslide, its shiny parts and refreshed supporting structure are only part of the modernization process that can significantly enhance the image of the swimming pool facility.

The range of services we offer for the waterslide's replacement includes:

  • audit and technical assessment of the exisiting waterslide's condition;
  • defining the scope of modernization;
  • disassembly of the existing waterslide;
  • installation of a new waterslide;
  • launching of the attraction;
  • maintenance training of technical staff;

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